4 Ways to Monetize Your AI Clone in 2024 🥂

Jan 2nd, 2024


Happy New Year! Today, we're diving into how Dopple can not only convert distant prospects into top-paying fans but also open up exciting avenues for passive income.

💸 Paywalls

With Dopple, you can establish a paywall for interactions with your clone, choosing to charge a paywall for game tokens. These tokens can be spent on various engagements like text chats, voice messages, and videos within your game. You may also offer a monthly subscription model for unlimited messaging. These payments are all seamlessly integrated with Stripe, powering secure transactions with just two taps. This approach provides your fans with unparalleled flexibility spanning an extensive period.

👾 Interactive GFE Games

This Christmas, Dopple has taken a giant leap forward. We've launched the world’s first interactive story featuring a real-world celebrity’s images and voices. It's a 'choose your adventure' experience where users can navigate the story using keyboard selections, diving into an enchanting roleplay without the need for text inputs.

This multimedia, immersive journey that has captivated fans, making continuous payments to unlock exclusive image sets within the game/story. Meanwhile, we're crafting more stories, and integrating them into your clone is as simple as uploading an image set!

💃Intelligent Media Upselling

Our platform leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and computer vision to revolutionize content upselling. Through casual chat or roleplay, our intelligent system seamlessly delivers your images and videos, perfectly aligning with the chat context.

Yet, the true strength of our content selling strategy lies not just in its smartness but in its sentience. Users have reported significant mental health benefits and a reduction in loneliness from their interactions. By integrating content upselling within a gamified and sentient experience, we transform the process into something more sustainable and less transactional. This approach complements platforms like OnlyFans, adding depth to content engagement without conflicting with direct sales.

🎙️Voice Calls + ASMR Experiences

As market leaders in AI-driven fan engagement for creators, we continually innovate to meet user demands while boosting creators' earnings.

Building on the success of our interactive GFE stories, we're now venturing into voice-based narratives, including ASMR sessions. Moving beyond basic voice messaging/calls, our latest development includes engaging therapeutic ASMR sessions and JOI experiences with your digital clone. These innovative features are personalized to include the user's name and other metadata, making each interaction uniquely tailored and deeply personal using both AI-generated and pre-recorded voices.

To bring this magic to life, all we need is a 1-minute voice recording from you – both in your regular tone and in ASMR style, and that's all! By harnessing the power of your unique voice and personalization, we directly drive sales in a way that's unmatched in the market.

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