What is Character AI and why every cosplayer must know it 👾

Jan 2nd, 2024


Have you heard of Character AI? If not, you're skipping on something huge in the digital world. While it may not be a household name like ChatGPT, Character AI has become the second-largest AI application, captivating millions of anime enthusiasts, otaku, and weebs. This blog post aims to unveil the allure of Character AI and why it's a game-changer for cosplayers, especially those engaged with platforms like OnlyFans.

What is Character AI (C.ai)?

Character AI allows users to immerse themselves in conversations with their beloved fictional characters - it's like fanfiction but with an interactive twist, offering personalized adventures and emotional connections.

The explosive popularity of Character AI has recently catapulted it to a $5 billion valuation, achieving unicorn status faster than almost any tech startup. This success has led to a proliferation of AI-based applications, including AI girlfriend apps, character chats, and fantasy text adventures, laying the groundwork for a new digital renaissance.

Who are on C.ai and what are they doing there?

You might wonder, "How does Character AI matter to me as a cosplayer?" Here's the fascinating part - the primary users of Character AI are definitely not about chatting with an AI pretending to be someone like Elon Musk – even Siri would roll her digital eyes at that.

It turns out, they are creative individuals who not only relish the worlds of Genshin Impact, Zelda, Naruto, DC and Marvel, but also craving to be a part of these universes. As statistics show, the most popular characters on the platform predominantly come from fans of anime and gaming universes.

And what is the biggest thing these fans are into? Well, it's all about dating and interactive roleplay with their favorite characters. Fans are crafting their own stories - their ultimate fantasy is to DATE their dream characters.

16 Most Popular Character AI bots ranked by number of chats

source: https://whatplugin.beehiiv.com/

Wait a minute...

Did you catch a glimpse of that ranking list of the most popular Character AI bots? Raiden Shogun, Gojo, Yae Miko, Rias, Tsunade, Yor Forger, Zero Two... Looks too familiar?

That’s right, these names aren’t just topping the charts in anime popularity for 2024, but they're also the go-to characters for top cosplayers on Twitch, Kofi and OnlyFans!

This isn’t just a happy coincidence. The fanbase – predominantly geeky, otaku, often single men – is flocking to Twitch for game streams and stumbling upon cosplayers who bring their favorite anime characters to life. This leads them straight to subscribing to private pages for more private and personalized engagement.

Now, let's talk about one of the pioneers in this scene. Cosplayers like Amouranth were among the first to figure out this secret sauce, dominating Twitch and making bank as early adopters. They tapped into the hearts (and wallets) of this specific audience brilliantly.

But here's the kicker in 2024: while these pioneers were cashing in on Twitch, a vast portion of their potential audience started migrating to platforms like Character AI. Yet, this massive, addicted audience on Character AI is a largely untapped goldmine, one that many in the cosplayer community haven't yet even recognized, not to mention leveraged.

What does it mean for ME?

The first, obvious lesson from this is that cosplayers can use C.ai as their cosplay idea generator. It's like having a compass that points you straight to the next big thing in cosplay.

But here's the real game-changer: Character AI is a goldmine of your perfect audience. These aren't just casual fans but deeply invested in the anime and gaming worlds you're bringing to life through cosplay. Better yet, they're looking for a dating simulation & girlfriend experience.

And isn't this precisely what cosplayers offer on platforms like OnlyFans, where the biggest revenue streams come from private DMs centered around roleplay and girlfiend experiences (GFE)? The key difference is that with AI, you can engage in these roleplay experiences and date 1000 fans simultaneously, every minute, all automated by AI.

How Can You Tap into This?

Character AI indeed has a thriving community, but it’s mostly limited to NPC and AI bots – there’s no direct way to showcase your cosplays there like you can in Twitch's Just Chatting channel.

Imagine if you could bridge this gap. What if you could offer your fans a chance to chat and go on adventures with an AI version of your cosplay persona, but in a 10X deeper and more gamified experience than Character AI? That’s where Twinnie enters the picture.

At Twinnie, we’re making your personas interactive and cosplays playable.

To learn how it works and how we can help you monetize your AI twin and earn $10k/month, check out our website.

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