Twinnie Terms of Service For Creators

Last updated: January, 2024

Welcome to Twinnie!


Twinnie is a revolutionary platform designed to bridge the gap between content creators and their fans by using advanced AI technology and sophisticated dating simulation models. We provide a unique service where creators can engage with their audience through their own digital twin, enabling interactive and immersive experiences. Our goal is to amplify creators' reach, enhance fan engagement, and open new revenue streams, all while maintaining a creator-focused approach.

Who We Serve

Twinnie empowers content creators who captivate fans with the allure of a significant other, boyfriend/girlfriend persona, offering them the opportunity to forge deeper, more intimate connections through simulated dating experiences.

Our platform specifically caters to cosplayers, Ko-fi and OnlyFans creators, idols, Twitch streamers, and other entertainers who wish to enhance their digital presence by engaging with their audience in a uniquely personal way. We provide these creators with the tools to transform their online persona into a virtual companion, inviting fans into a world of personalized interaction and companionship.

About Us

Twinnie, a Silicon Valley-based AI tech company, is co-founded by two passionate entrepreneurs, including a woman leader and a seasoned tech founder with a background as an ex-tech lead in the Apple Vision Pro team. As a woman-led initiative, we aim to harness the power of AI to alleviate tasks that human creators find challenging or emotionally taxing, ultimately aiming to reduce burnout and make the creative process more enjoyable.

Our mission is to foster unique connections between content creators and their fans through advanced AI-driven dating simulations, ensuring a safe and engaging platform that supports creators' well-being and success.

How It Works

Upon joining Twinnie, creators grant us permission to use their voice, persona, and content of their choice to create a digital twin. This twin interacts with fans, offering experiences ranging from simple conversations to complex role-playing scenarios. Here's how our partnership works:

1. Content Usage Rights

Creators grant Twinnie the exclusive right to use their voice, persona, and provided content for the purpose of creating and operating the digital twin within our platform.

Twinnie affirms that the content provided by creators will be used exclusively for the purpose of building their digital twin and will not be utilized in any other context outside of this partnership.

2. Payment Terms

Revenue generated through interactions with the digital twin will be shared, with creators receiving 80% of the revenue, and Twinnie retaining 20%, excluding any processing fees charged by payment processors like Stripe. Creators can monitor their earnings in real-time via the creator dashboard and opt for biweekly or monthly payouts.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

While Twinnie utilizes the content to maximize engagement and revenue potential, ownership remains with the creators. We will collaborate on pricing structures and engagement strategies to ensure the content's value is maximized. Content will be used exclusively for the project and not in any unrelated contexts.

4. Termination Clause

Either party may terminate this agreement with a 15-day notice. Throughout this period, revenue sharing continues as previously agreed. Upon termination, the creator's content will be removed from our systems within a mutually agreed period, and any pending revenue will be distributed according to the established sharing ratio.

5. Safety and Community Standards

At Twinnie, we prioritize the safety of our community and uphold the highest standards of safety and security. We employ the world's leading AI-powered monitoring systems to detect harmful speech and behavior promptly. Our commitment to these standards means we will take immediate action against any use of digital twins for illegal or harmful purposes, including banning those responsible from the platform.

Agreement to Terms

By using Twinnie's platform, creators agree to these terms, designed to ensure a transparent, fair, and mutually beneficial partnership. We look forward to working closely with our creators to innovate how fans interact with their favorite personalities.

For any inquiries or further clarification on these terms, please contact us through the creator dashboard support.