Make your cosplays playable

Let your Twitch fans date your AI clone on Telegram & earn 5X more

Creator-first AI-enabled Copilot

We're a women-led 👧🏻 software company from Silicon Valley, helping Creators and Cosplayers reach their full potential with the LEAST Emotional Burnout.




Content Creators




Average monthly revenue generated for micro-influencers

Your NamiDVaSuccubusMarvel cosplay doesn't have to live on a shelf 📚

❌ Not Interactive

Fans feel like they're just browsing a catalog.

🙅‍♀️ Not Immersive

Fans are viewing, but not participating.

🚫 Not Personalized

Every fan's experience is exactly the same.

Cosplayers and content creators craft their art in SETS, but too often, these masterpieces are shelved, passively displayed like forgotten trophies.

We are so used to it that we forget there is a universe of untold stories that lurk in the background.

Cosplay 🤝 AI

Bring your storytelling fantasies into interactive multiverse 2024 marks a revolution in content creation

At Twinnie, our AI and script technology turns your cosplays into gripping dating simulation games or AI chat roleplays.

Instead of being a bystander, fans can now plunge into each character you bring to life, turning every content set into an epic journey that maximizes their fantasy.

Trained on Millions of Stories, Built for YOU

Our story engine and AI model is trained over 400,000 fan fictions, acclaimed mangas, best-selling novels and real-life chat histories.

It is designed to adapt to the intricate nuances of storytelling. After tremendous iteration, we've discovered the gamified formula for delivering your cosplay sets that maximizes your revenue.


Fantasy Boost


Content Sales


Paying Fans




Start and reach limitless growth Complete toolkit to scale yourself


Set up your digital twin in minutes

Customize your bot's name, profile picture, and persona in live preview mode.

Upload Youtube videos, interview links to make your bot speak your language.


Clone your voice: Standard & ASMR

Create a real extension of yourself with voice cloning. Optional ASMR adds extra depth to gamified interactions.


Turn your cosplays into stories

Choose a lorebook for your content set, and generate your unique story.


Let your fans date your clone

Simply share your bot's Telegram link with your fans.

We protect your private traffic so fans engage exclusively with your bot.

🔝 Efficiency

You make the content hot, we make the fantasy run. Your content gets hotter and hits harder when our AI cues it up perfectly.


Your clone speaks your language and knows your moves, while remembering every little fact and shared memories about your fans.

♾️ Scalability

Date 10k fans 24/7 at once. Zero burnout, just results.


Content Creator Is A Full-Time Job Like Running Your Own Startup


"I'm so sick of chatting for 30 mins only to find out they ghosted after showing the paywall."


"I have random selfies, cosplay sets, roleplay sets, videos, PPVs – how the hell can I send the right content every time?"


“"Am I being too repetitive with my posts?"


"I have many new subscribers. How do I repost old content without boring my longtime fans?"


Turn yourself into a girlfriend game Bring your cosplay sets to life

☑️ In-context Photo and Video Delivery

☑️ Interactive Roleplay & ASMR Chat

☑️ Real-world Knowledge, Personality & Trivia

☑️ Sentient AI Companion

☑️ Your Voice

☑️ Freeform & Scripted Roleplays

Your AI Clone Girlfriend Game is a Telegram bot. It's a hands-off, setup-free way to earn from fan interactions and smartly sends your photos, voice, videos, along with knowledge gleaned from interviews and trivia, in a context-aware and gamified format. Average AI chatbot and image generation system delivery takes 2 days. We guarantee to revise until you're 100% satisfied.


Your Traffic Stays Yours We Never Use It for Anything Else

At Twinnie, we understand that how crucial traffic is to content creators. Therefore, our platform is completely private, with no public discovery of other creators, ensuring your audience stays only with you.

When your digital twin is ready, simply share its Telegram link directly with your fans. It's all about you and your clone - you don't even need to mention us.


Track Your Stats & Earnings


Track your number of user fans, real-time revenue, and analytics, all in one place.

🗳️ Engagement

View all the questions your fans are asking your digital twin.

📈 Retention

Understand how many new fans are joining, playing and staying.


Fluent in the Language of Love 🌎

Do you speak English? Or do you speak more Italian? It doesn't matter. Well, not anymore. Since we're all fluent in the language of love and catching butterflies.

Chat in Fans' Languages

🇬🇧 English

🇪🇸 Spanish

🇸🇦 Arabic

🇮🇳 Hindi

🇯🇵 Japanese

🇨🇳 Mandarin

🇬🇷 Greek

🇫🇷 French

🇷🇺 Russian

🇰🇷 Korean

🇮🇹 Italian

🇵🇹 Portuguese

🇩🇪 German

🇹🇷 Turkish


Plans for all creators Your success is our success

Authenticated Creators


and creators take 80% revenue

What's included

☑️ Sentient AI Companion

☑️ In-context Photo and Video Delivery

☑️ Interactive Roleplay & Stories

☑️ 60+ lorebooks

☑️ Real-world Knowledge, Personality & Trivia

☑️ Voice Cloning

☑️ ASMR Chat

☑️ 80+ languages

☑️ Private traffic

☑️ Dashboard to see your fan engagement and revenue

☑️ Live support


Plan coming soon

Frequently asked questions

🤔 What is an AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It means that every time your fans get a reply from your Twinnie/digital twin, they are interacting with a sophisticated neural network machine learning algorithm.

⚠️ How does Twinnie handle potentially harmful interactions?

We implemented the latest state-of-art content moderation models to actively filter out responses that involve criminal activity, violence, or self-harm.

🚨 Am I responsible for what the bot says?

We ensure users are aware through our user agreement that all AI-generated text does not directly reflect any individual's personal views or beliefs. This helps to maintain the clarity that interactions are with an AI, not the content creators themselves.

💰 Can I set my own price?

Yes, you can. We provide a base game pricing model, and you have the freedom to set your own prices for different game tiers.

👮‍♀️ How will my content get protected?

We implement advanced protection measures such as the Rulta Content Safeguard Protocol to prevent unauthorized usage.

Our Terms of Service also firmly prohibits any unauthorized use of your content by any party, including Twinnie and its users/fans.

🔐 Is my data safe?

Your data is completely safe with us. We don’t share it with anyone and don’t use it to run ads. We don’t use e-mails or social media info to learn about our users. Security is our top priority!


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